Brian Paul Zimmerman's work has always thrived off of curiosity and experimentation. His foray into music began when he started recording music from video games via tape recorder back when he was six years old. When he discovered the music of Donkey Kong Country and Chrono Trigger, a new world opened up to him. 

At the age of nine, Brian began studying percussion and grew serious about singing. By the end of high school he knew studying music in college was imminent. His undergrad training brought him to the world of composition, which allowed him a wider spectrum of creativity.  His obsession with rhythm now extended to harmony, texture, and timbre. Influences of Tool and Weather Report suddenly had to make room for Aphex Twin, György Ligeti, and Joni Mitchell. 

He went to NYU to study with Julia Wolfe. Never content with restricting himself to one medium, he slowly veered away from concert music and into electronic music. He began releasing albums under the moniker Liezer in 2013.

Brian's work now routinely spreads across multiple mediums. His continued work in experimental electronic music combines with work for video games, film, and  concert music. In addition he makes time to run a Youtube channel centered around video game music, as well as explore his own ideas in game development.

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