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Brian Paul is an American recording artist and producer working in the realm of electronic and experimental music. His music often lives in the gaps between dance music, experimental/contemporary music, and rock/performance music.

Brian grew up outside Portland, Oregon in the city of Vancouver, Washington, where he began playing drums and singing at a young age. He attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA with the intent of majoring in percussion and becoming a session drummer. His studies veered him away from strictly percussion and towards composition, which allowed him a more creative expression. His decision to major in music composition instead of percussion led him to uncover his love for electronic music. He learned the computer program Reason and began working under the moniker Liezer. In 2013 he went on to get his master’s degree in music composition at NYU, working with the composer Julia Wolfe. He graduated in 2015.

Brian would go onto produce many albums under the Liezer name and continue to put out concert works for performers. Lately, he has been more focused on collaborative efforts, exploring acoustic sounds and mirco-tonality with his friend Matt Pollock, as well as putting together an ensemble of keyboardists and percussionists to perform the music of Liezer as a large scale electronic experience. His renewed excitement in drumming and singing has opened up a new path of exploration for the primarily electronic outfit. In 2023 Brian discontinued the 'Liezer' moniker in favor of 'Brian Paul'  

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